Gallery talk with ATNE Dec. 2 at 4pm

Poster for the movie “Head” 1967 by Judi Stern and USCO

Join ATNE for an artist talk with USCO members Michael Callahan and Gerd Stern.  This salon will be a rare opportunity to discuss these artists’ pioneering work in multi-media performance, forays into the emerging new media field and their technological innovations that helped inspire a new generation of artists.  The USCO individual and collective histories trace a fascinating path from 50s Bay area and Beat culture through 60s New York downtown media experiments and into the genesis of the computer and information era art.  Learn more about USCO

USCO, The Company of Us, October 28 to December 10

Exhibition Dates: October 28 to December 10

Opening Reception: Friday October 27 from 6 to 8pm

Photos by Solway Gallery

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery is pleased to present USCO, The Company of Us. This exhibition is a historical presentation of one of the very first art and technology collectives in the U.S. The exhibition will be presented from Saturday October 28 to Sunday December 10 from noon to 6pm. The opening reception will be Friday October 27 from 6 to 8pm.

In 1964, poet Gerd Stern, Steve Durkee, Michael Callahan and others created the multimedia collective USCO, The Company of Us. Working at first with oscilloscopes and refracted lenses, they came to include stroboscopes, projectors, audiotapes and lasers in their performances. USCO moved into a church in Garnerville, NY. This historical survey of one of the first art and technology collectives in the US is curated by Mark Favermann. Among the influential people USCO worked with were Marshall McLuhan, Charlotte Moorman and Stewart Brand. Jonas Mekas, watching an USCO performance once said he thought he was “witnessing the beginnings of a new religion.”

The Augmented Landscape

Ending soon! Exhibit closes November 30, 2107

Boston Cyberarts presents The Augmented Landscape, an outdoor exhibition at the National Park Service’s Salem Maritime National Historic Site, featuring eight Augmented Reality (AR) sculptures created by four internationally acclaimed artists-John Craig Freeman, Kristin Lucas, Tamiko Thiel, and Will Pappenheimer. Located on the historic waterfront in Salem, Massachusetts, the free exhibition will be on view May 27 to November 30, 2017.

Inspired by Salem’s unique history and ecology, the eight artworks will delve into issues as diverse as East-West relations, New England’s maritime connections with Russia, Japan & China, American idealism, the discord between globalism and isolationism, piracy as warfare, as well as the effects of climate change, global warming and rising waters.